Amber Jones

(BA Fashion Design, 2021)

Name of Business: Bombus Artisanal


Description of business/ freelance opportunity:

Handmade artisanal, luxury fashion with a focus on collaboration with textiles artists, designers and other makers.

Why have you chosen to set up this business venture?

To aid in promoting sustainable fashion, local talents and crafts.

How did you find out about the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

Springboard email.

Why did you apply for the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme?

To support myself financially while setting up my business so I could focus.

How has the LAUNCH Accelerator Programme helped you with your business venture?

It has given me the time to truly focus on getting everything arranged for my business. I've also been able to get more professional equipment.

What challenges have you faced?

There's been a lot more admin than I expected but not juggling LAUNCH and a part-time job has made things easier.

What support have you received that you have found beneficial?

  • Business Wales Support
  • Kevin from that media group
  • Financial documents such as cash flow, survival budget etc.

What advice do you have for final year students and fellow graduates?

It's a lot of work but working for myself has been amazing. I have the freedom to choose when and how I work. Plus, I'm doing what I love everyday now.

For more information, contact the Graduate Support Team on: [email protected]