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The Careers Service has the tools to help you get a great job

February 20, 2018

If you are applying for jobs right now and finding it hard to get employers to notice you then you might want to use of some of our tools to help make you stand out.

USW Careers has a great website with loads of great information and practical resources to help you with your career planning and in applying for jobs. As well as this we also have loads more great resources which we have to keep locked up but you can access them via Unilife Connect using your normal USW username and password.

You’ll find these resources in the Employability Tools section of Unilife Connect and there are loads and loads of really useful tools in there.

7 Days to Go! - Job deadlines coming up..

February 20, 2018

Don’t miss out on these jobs that have closing dates coming up within the next seven days.
Select from Graduate, Placement, Part-time and Volunteering positions.


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