Graduate Schemes - What are they?

September 28, 2018

Graduate schemes for final year students are open now! But what are they, and what opportunities do they offer? Find out more during Grad Scheme Week

Aimed at final year students and recent graduates
Many employers offer graduate schemes targeted at final year students. The schemes tend to be structured training programmes offering a period of paid training and work, lasting between one and two years, and are often available in a number of specialisms or streams.

Start your professional career
They are a great opportunity for graduates to start building their careers, providing hands on experience, access to training, skills development and professional qualifications where relevant. You could be working in a specific role, within an established team or work in different areas of the organisation, over the duration of the programme.

Schemes are open now
Schemes open as early as the end of your second year, with closing dates in some cases as early as September of your final year, ready for start dates after graduation.

If you want to know more about Graduate schemes, where to find them, opportunities available and how to apply, come along have a chat with the Careers Team during Grad Scheme week.

Treforest – Careers Space Library
Monday 8th – Friday 12th October

Cardiff – Library
Tuesday 9th & Friday 12th October

Newport – Library
Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th

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