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October 4, 2018

Now is the time of year to get stuck in to applying for graduate jobs and year out / summer placements. It can be hard to get employers to notice you, but we’ve got the tools to help make you stand out!

USW Careers has a great website with loads of great information and practical resources to help you with your career planning and in applying for jobs. As well as this we also have loads more great resources which we have to keep locked up but you can access them via Unilife Connect using your normal USW username and password.

You’ll find these resources in the Employability Tools section of Unilife Connect and there are loads and loads of really useful tools in there.

These are a few of our favourites:

  • CV Builder – Do you need a CV? Create an expert CV based on employer requirements with our CV builder.
  • Psychometric Tests – A full set of Practice Psychometric Tests (Aptitude Tests) including Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Deductive &Inductive Reasoning, In-Tray Exercises and Personality Profiling.
  • Interview Simulator – Use the Interview Simulator to have your PC give you a mock interview which you record using your webcam to watch back later.
  • Assessment Centre Tool – This comprehensive tool explains everything you need to know about assessment centres, the activities you may be assessed on and how to perform well.
  • Career Assessments – Understand your motivations, preferences and values to help you consider your career options.
  • Industry Reports – These will help you to find out more about the sector you want to work in and are really useful when preparing for an interview.
  • Elevator Pitch Builder – Don’t know how to introduce yourself when you meet an employer, get prepared with the Elevator Pitch Builder.
  • Cover Letter Builder – Not sure how to start your covering letter, Create your cover letter quickly and easily with the Cover Letter Builder.

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