Do fancy a year in China teaching english and earning a big salary?

February 7, 2018

TEIC logo We have openings for people graduating this year or are already graduates or post graduates. Any degree course is acceptable but you must hold a UK or Irish passport and be a native English speaker.

EU passport holders might be acceptable. No command of Mandarin is expected. Teaching is based in public schools and there will be between 18/20 classes a week. The jobs begin in late august and into September and October. You will be placed in a major city, Zhengzhou, a couple of hours from Beijing and Shanghai by bullet train.

The contract includes a free, furnished apartment for your sole use, international airfare, medical cover and free TEFL training prior to departure.

The monthly salary is £1,740 [15,000 rmb] and you can double it in terms of local purchasing power. We expect to send a cohort to the city [home of the Shaolin Temple] and guarantee couples are placed in the same school/accommodation. Friends will be close to each other and there will be a 'city community’ of teachers from TEIC. Local support is provided by an english speaking colleague.

This is an opportunity to do something exciting, travel, improve your cv and learn Mandarin. Without any obligation further details and a video can be obtained from or contact Professor Thomas

Now is the time to start thinking and planning life after university so give China some thought!

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