Skills Session & Drop-In – Make your CV stand out through volunteering with the OR Society

November 27, 2017

Event Date November 28, 2017 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
Location – Treforest, Library, Training Room L100

The OR Society logo We all know and love the basic motivations of volunteering, we know the spiel that informs us we are part of something good and we’re making a difference to something that is usually bigger than all of us.

If you work with individuals from a charity, then you have also heard about just how much you can change that person’s life, whether it be a child who is struggling to invest in their childhood, or an elderly person who struggles to stay sociable; spending time with these individuals is a responsible thing to do. There is a whole underworld of motivations to volunteer and pro bono OR can make them all available.

There’s a generic volunteer role in the charity sector that lets you productively procrastinate, but there’s something that charitable organisations don’t tell you as they attempt to sign you up and demand all your free time. They don’t tell just how self-full volunteering can be. Volunteering can help you work on ‘the self’ in so many more ways than advertised.

In this session, we’ll provide an overview of how you can make your CV stand out, get that job and excel in your career. And it all starts by volunteering!

Join us for this FREE skills session, 12-1pm, Treforest Library, Training Room (L100). Please book in :

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(Please note the time has changed from 1-2pm)

Also, we’re hosting an Employer in the Foyer Stand at the Careers Promotion Space, Library Treforest, 11-3pm

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