A brand new iPad Pro for telling us about your future career

November 16, 2017

trendence Do you know the employers you want to work for in the future? The salary you are expecting to earn? The attributes you are expecting your future employer to have? We want to know this and more!

Take the trendence survey because we’re giving away:

  • a £100 Amazon gift card (given away every week – 14 to give away!)
  • an iPad Pro (two given away at close of survey)

Click here to enter the competition!

If you are undecided, or haven’t considered your future career yet, then this is a great chance to do just that! The research is being done in partnership with the university careers & employability service, and we will give them a detailed report about what you want so that they can tailor their services for you (but don’t worry, all answers are anonymous!).

It only takes 15 minutes and you can even complete it on your mobile!

It’s quick, it’s convenient, and you can win great prizes! Why wait?

Take the survey now: www.trendence-gradbarometer.co.uk

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Would you like to know more about trendence? Here’s some extra information:

The trendence Graduate study is the UK’s most comprehensive piece of research into students’ views on graduate careers and recruitment: over 62,000 UK students took part last year. trendence also powers The Guardian UK 300, so ranking your favourite employers is a great way to influence their status in the publication.

trendence is an excellent tool for helping students to think about graduate careers: the questions require you to rank employers in a variety of ways, helping you to think laterally about your career options and why you like, or don’t like, certain companies.

Your answers are completely anonymous. You are welcome to read our data protection policy.

trendence abides by all MRS codes, ESOMAR codes and ISO 20252. We are conducting this survey in partnership with your Careers Service.

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