Free LinkedIn profiles photos available at the fair!

November 7, 2017

What does your LinkedIn photo say about you?
LinkedIn profiles with professional photos get 14 x more views and 40% more InMail responses than profiles without a photo. A poor LinkedIn profile photo or no photo at all could mean that you are missing out on opportunities.

Does your profile photo..

  • Show as the standard Joe bloggs image because you haven’t got around to uploading an image yet?
  • Include other people that you have tried to crop out ?
  • Feature props such as sunglasses and hats ?
  • Look poorly lit or blurry?
  • Use Instagram and filter?
  • Feature you puckering up, with a goofy or duck face expression?
  • Show you way off in the distance?
  • Have a busy background?
  • Show you in casual dress?

YES then you definitely need a new profile photo!

Come along to see us at the Opportunities Fair 9th November where our professional photographer will be on hand to take LinkedIn headshots for you during the fair.

How to prepare for the photo

• Smile (with teeth) and look at the camera
• Dress to impress (suit or smart casual)
• Make eye contact

Need more help with your LinkedIn profile – Take a look at our LinkedIn information page or book an appointment with a Careers Adviser for feedback on your profile.

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