Submissions wanted for Little Wing Film Festival

July 3, 2017

Little Wing Film Festival are looking for budding new film makers to submit to their festival.

The deadline has recently been extended so there’s still time to get involved!

“In September, we are launching our very first film festival in North London, open to submissions from anywhere and everywhere. We want to provide a platform for the newest generations of storytelling and creative expression and, as such, this film festival is open exclusively to submissions from students, recent graduates, and first-time film makers.

Our aim is to be able to compensate your work in more ways than “exposure”.”

Rules & Terms

Little Wing Film Festival is exclusively for first-time film-makers, current students, and graduates within 2 years of their graduation date. Please note that film submissions will be checked for eligibility and films in breach of this will be disqualified from festival consideration and submission fees will not be reimbursed.

For full details and how to submit please visit:

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Little Wing Film Festival

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