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Vacancies on UniLife Connect Search Vacancies on Unilife Connect – access graduate job vacancies, internships/placements and voluntary opportunities.

Graduate job searching Graduate job searches for graduates and final year students have deadlines throughout the year. Featured are four main suggestions to start looking for a graduate job.

Part-time job searching Part time job searches is a range of resources to help you find part time or temporary employment whilst you study. It’s important to get the balance right between part time work and the hours required for your study.

Subject Links Subject Links
A range of information and job search links specific to your area of interest or study.

Industry Reports Industry Reports
provide valuable data for each business sector, including annual turnover and profit, details of the market structure and employment, current and future trends, top 100 companies and a SWOT analysis of the sector.

Regional job searching Regional and national job searches – View an extensive list of graduate jobs for Wales and all over the United Kingdom.

International job searching Working abroad page shows a range of opportunities available including summer jobs, voluntary work, internships and longer-term employment options.

Targeting employers Targeting employers will help you find out about job or work experience opportunities in your career area.

Careers service fairs and events Job Fairs & Careers events – A great way to meet potential employers is at careers events. Every term we organise a large variety of events across all campuses to help you with job hunting and networking.

Careers videos Videos – A selection of videos to help you with job searching. These cover graduate job interviews, assessment centres, applications and more.

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