CVs, Applications & Interviews

CVs, Applications & Cover Letters CVs, Applications & Cover Letters Make a positive first impression with potential employers, and enable you to promote yourself effectively in CVs and applications for jobs and work experience.

Interviews & Selection Interviews & Selection will give you an insight into the selection process and provide you with practical help on how to prepare for interviews and more.

Social Media & Job Search Social Media & Job Search can be used to target and understand the culture of organisations, apply for jobs and network with individuals.

Build your LinkedIn profile Build your LinkedIn profile to connect with employers, businesses, employees and stay in touch and network with each other.

Employer Videos Employer Videos – Browse hundreds of films from experienced hiring managers and career coaches, demystifying career challenges and providing you with practical tips based on the reality of the workplace.

Videos Videos – A selection of videos to help you with job searching. These cover graduate job interviews, assessment centres, applications and more.

Skills for Employment Success Skills for Employment Success
Skills for employment go beyond that of qualifications and achievements.

Help for International Students Help for International Students Get guidance on a range of online resources which will help with job search (UK and working abroad), National Insurance and more.