What is Grad Edge?

Grad Edge is USW’s employability award which recognises students who have completed 70 hours of work experience and gained valuable employability skills along the way.

The Award requires you to:

  • Undertake a skills audit
  • Complete 70 hours work experience (35 hours being career related)
  • Create a CV
  • Answer 2 competency style questions using the STAR model

The steps to success

The Award comprises of 5 simple steps which contain resources that you can call upon to help you gain the employability skills needed to complete the Award and enhance your future job prospects.



  • Complete an interactive skills assessment to understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Set your goals for your work experience
  • Optional activities include: exploring career options; tips on finding work experience; get networking; preparing for day one


  • Undertake & capture 70+ hours’ experience made up of:
    • Minimum 35 hours of career-related experience
    • The remaining hours spent gaining general employability experience, such as, your part-time job, volunteering, course reps, running a society etc.
  • Round off your experience by obtaining an employer/ client reference

  • Reflect on the skills you’ve developed during your experience – how far have you come?
  • Complete two application form questions using your experience
  • Showcase your new skills and experience by creating a CV
  • Get help & practice dealing with Graduate interview questions

  • Book your USW Careers 1-2-1 appointment for;
    • Feedback on your CV & answers to application form questions
    • Undertake a quick mock interview to practice your interview skills
    • Review your overall progress on your Grad Edge Award journey


Start step one here: