157 Welsh Regiment, Army Reserves - Employer stand & presentation (Treforest)

Event Date January 29, 2018 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Location – Treforest, Library, Training Room (L100) & Careers Centre Foyer

The 157 Welsh Regiment of the Army Reserves will be hosting an information stand and presentation at Treforest.
Come along and find out how to get recruited.

Financial Incentives:

Recruit (Enlistment) = £300
Recruit (Complete Ph1) = £1000
Recruit (Complete Ph2) = £1000
Ex Regular Other Rank & Officer (<35) = £10000

Adventurous Activities:

RLC Skiing Championships
Corps / Regimental Rugby Adventure Training Weekends Canoeing / Kayaking Corps X Country Running Various Walking Challenges Adventure Training Club & more.

Annual Bonus (TAX FREE):

1st Year £444
2nd Year £982
3rd & 4th Year £1,517
5th Year + £1,759

Other Incentives:

Reserve Pension
Paid Holidays
Forces Rail Card
Vehicle Licences

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Presentation: 29 Jan, Treforest, Library, Training Room L100, 1-2pm

Information stand: 29 Jan, Treforest, Library,Careers Centre Foyer, 11-1pm

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